IICI guidelines on remote interviewing & partnership with Public Interest Advocacy Centre (now, Justice and Equity Centre)

In August 2021, IICI published the “IICI guidelines on remote interviewing”.  These guidelines focus on remote investigative interviews that may form part of non-criminal and criminal investigations into international crimes or grave human rights violations.  “Remote” includes interviews conducted via online video-calls and audio-only phone calls.  The guidelines mainly concern investigations that take place in resource-constrained, conflict-affected or similarly challenging contexts and where the interviewer(s) is not in the same location as the interviewee.  These IICI guidelines and the PIAC publication “Restricted access interviews: a guide to interviewing witnesses in remote human rights investigation” (August 2021) are companion documents.  See the information at the IICI guidelines on remote interviewing and PIAC-IICI webinar on the publications page for more information about this collaboration and the translations of the IICI guidelines in French, Spanish and Arabic.