Murad Code Project

The Murad Code Project is a global, consultative initiative involving partners from across the globe, including survivors and other individuals, civil-society organisations, governments, inter-governmental and other international organisations, and funders.  The project’s goal is to help ensure that the gathering and use of information about systematic and conflict-related sexual violence is survivor-centric, safe, ethical and effective.  The project idea originated with IICI.

One of the components of the project is the Murad Code: the Global Code of Conduct for Gathering and Using Information about Systematic and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence.  It is named after Nadia Murad, a leading advocate for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence and other crimes, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  The Murad Code was released on 13 April 2022.  Please visit the Murad Code Project website at for more information on the Project and its various components, including the Murad Code which is available in English, Arabic, Sorani Kurdish, Swahili, Amharic, Tigrinya, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Nepali and Bosnian.

The government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada, is providing funding and other partnership support in 2023-2026.  The founding partners of the Project are IICI, Nadia’s Initiative ( and the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative of the UK government (PSVI).  Building on the foundations of 2019-2023, and working with partners around the globe, the focus in 2023-2026 would be on (a) the improved implementation of the minimum standards distilled in the Code by documenters, investigators, funders, humanitarians, journalists, managers, policy-makers and others; (b) the use of the Code by survivors to demand respect for their human rights during documentation and other information-gathering processes; and (c) improved collaboration and cooperation between and within sectors.