International Investigation – Team Leader Course

While national law enforcement bodies have their own training courses to prepare individuals for the significant leap to the team leader level, no such training is available on the international level, yet good team leadership is crucial to good investigations. IICI will be filling this void for the first time.

Examples of modules:

  • Investigation planning
  • Mission planning
  • Creating productive relationships with trial attorneys
  • Investigator management
  • Resource allocation
  • Crisis management

The training was a kind of display of a valid competence and yet, in quite a short time, you managed to accomplish a warm and true
relationship with each and every trainee.


Training of Experts on the Investigation of International Crimes, JRR-Certification Course Participant

I too feel honoured to have been part of such a valuable training event and gained a wealth of knowledge from all of your expertise in a variety of areas



Student of the Analysis skills Course

The course was definitely an extraordinary experience.


 International Investigator Course Participant

The presentations were specific and understandable.  It was easy to understand the link the techniques from the previous lessons.  …I personally gained so much knowledge and will be using the skills in my work.


 Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

Next course

Course dates pending