Investigation of Conflict-Related Sexual And Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

The course provides specialist skills required for the investigation of SGBV crimes and violations.


It addresses topics such as:

  • SGBV under international law, including individual criminal liability for selected sexual violence crimes such as rape, sexual slavery and forced marriages
  • A gender analysis of the legal elements of sexual violence crimes
  • The investigation-relevant needs of female, male and child victims of such crimes
  • Planning SGBV investigations, and the importance of SGBV in broader investigations
  • Red flags signifying the potential existence of SGBV crimes
  • Barriers and stereotypes that may impede SGBV investigations, including concerning the investigation of conflict-related SGBV against men, and the idea that only women can investigate SGBV
  • Why an SGBV focus has to be included at the outset of an investigation as distinct from something “bolted on” at some later stage
  • Interviewing skills, including the PEACE model for interviews
  • Witness management, safety and protection
  • Victim and witness support measures
  • Approaches to witnesses
  • Witness trauma and psychosocial support
  • Forensic aids to SGBV investigations
  • Using evidence from SGBV investigations to support other investigative avenues for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Like those who have sent emails already, I too feel honoured to have been part of such a valuable training event and gained a wealth of knowledge from all of your expertise in a variety of areas.

Investigating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as International Crimes Participant

Like those who have sent emails already, I too feel honoured to have been part of such a valuable training event and gained a wealth of knowledge from all of your expertise in a variety of areas.


Investigation of Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes Participant

You, both the participants and our tutors, are uniquely talented and experienced individuals from whom I learned a lot during my one week with you. Am looking forwards to another opportunity to work with you in an effort to enhance respect and accountability for human rights and end impunity on SGBV crimes.

Justice Rapid Response (JRR)-UN Women certification training course for experts on Investigating sexual and gender-based violence as international crimes – Bangkok

“…it is always a privilege to be trained by experts with hands on experience. The fact that they all are a cheerful bunch, just makes the course so much better.”

International Investigator Course 28 Participant

A truly amazing training.  I learned so much and take a lot away from the whole training and experience.  You three worked perfectly as a team, which is a good example for all of us.  Thousands of thanks to all of you.

Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

Excellent and very useful five days.  The facilitators were highly knowledgeable, roleplaying actors also highly beliveablle and exercises very practical.  I learnt far more than I set out to!

Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

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