Investigative Interview Skills Course

This course consists of a blend of theory and role-play exercises, both as a participant and observer. It includes cognitive interviewing through the PEACE model and conversation management techniques, including skills development in questioning and active listening.

We will look at:

  1. the process of interviewing, including planning and preparation, relationship building and managing information
  2. key considerations for approaching survivors/victims and witnesses
  3. credibility and reliability
  4. use of intermediaries and interpreters
  5. understanding witness memory
  6. verbal and non-verbal communication
  7. dealing with barriers to communication such as investigative mindsets
  8. managing difficult and challenging behaviour during the interview
  9. interviewing suspects and ‘insiders’
  10. interviewing individuals who may be disadvantaged through age, developmental issues or post-traumatic stress disorder
  11. techniques to interview survivor/victim/witnesses of conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence against both female and male, adults and children will be addressed.

The presentations were specific and understandable.  It was easy to understand the link the techniques from the previous lessons.  …I personally gained so much knowledge and will be using the skills in my work.


 Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

Excellent and very useful five days.  The facilitators were highly knowledgeable, roleplaying actors also highly believable and exercises very practical.  I learnt far more than I set out to!

Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

A truly amazing training.  I learned so much and take a lot away from the whole training and experience.  You three worked perfectly as a team, which is a good example for all of us.  Thousands of thanks to all of you.

Investigative Interview Skills Course Participant

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