Open Source Investigation – Advanced

The Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley School of Law and the Institute of International Criminal Investigations in The Hague have partnered to offer two comprehensive open source investigation courses focused on the investigation of violations of international criminal, humanitarian, and human rights law. Course participants are trained on the methodology of the Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations, the first professional standards and guidelines for digital investigations, consistent with the practices of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.  Both courses highlight the importance of ethics, resiliency, security, and legal compliance.

The “Advanced Open Source Investigation Course” is aimed at investigators and analysts with more open source investigation experience. It offers more technical and specialized sessions (described below).

In this course, you will learn:

1. How to set up and use a virtual machine

2. How to effectively search the dark web

3. How to search and monitor corporate databases

4. How to conduct geospatial analysis

5. How to do network and link analysis

6. How to scrape and analyze large dataset

7. How to track persons of interest

8. How to track flights and analyze flight data

9. How to track vessels and analyze shipping data

10. How to trace assets and supply chains

11. How to handle digital evidence in accordance with legal standards and the Berkeley Protocol

12. How to present evidence using multimedia platforms

13. How to use open source information to ethically and effectively support sexual and gender based violence investigations

Prerequisites: In order to take this advanced course, participants must have either taken the Foundational HRC/IICI Open Source Investigation Course (or a comparable course) or have prior experience conducting open source investigations and demonstrable skills to the level of the Foundational course.

We had a colleague on mission from Geneva a while back, and when they found out I had completed the IICI investigators course they mentioned that it was the ‘gold standard’ of training and that more human rights officers needed to do it. Could not agree more.

Participant of the Scenes of War Crimes Course
I too feel honoured to have been part of such a valuable training event and gained a wealth of knowledge from all of your expertise in a variety of areas

Student of the Analysis skills Course
The course was definitely an extraordinary experience.

Student of the course International Investigator

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