Open Source Research Course

A shorter course providing skills for in-depth internet-based research and investigations, which covers aspects such as

  • Optimisation of search engines
  • Reverse image searches
  • Database exploitation
  • Lateral searching
  • Social media exploitation.

This course will soon include, for the first time, a module on open-source financial investigation in relation to war crimes and other international crimes, including asset identification; illicit money flows; and using financial links as evidence of command and control.

I would like to thank you and your colleagues at the IICI for such a wonderful course in The Hague, despite the cold and rain. I learnt so much and had a great time. The trainers were patient, interesting and informative. I really enjoyed going to the military camp, given I don’t get too many chances to get inside a tank or hold an AK47…


International Investigator Course Participant

The past two weeks have been such a wonderful experience. So I am writing to say that it was the most interesting, fruitful and pleasant training I have ever been to.  Your management of the challenges of our training and your skills in engaging the participants was outstanding.  What really amazed me was, how aware you were of everything that was occurring in the classroom, and how you managed to help each attendee personally and to initiate discussions of the topics everyone was thinking and wondering about

Training of Experts on the Investigation of International Crimes, JRR-Certification Course Participant

All our staff have … expressed a STRONG appreciation for the course and articulated the relevance for our work. Very good for our team building also.



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