Raymond McGrath Scholarship Programme

The Institute for International Criminal Investigations has established a scholarship programme in memory of IICI Founding President, Raymond McGrath. The purpose is to assist exceptional candidates who would otherwise lack the financial resources necessary to attend the IICI’s courses. Priority will be given to qualified applicants from the Global South. The number and size of scholarships will vary depending on funding availability.

Scholarship Selection Process

Scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the IICI Executive Committee. The committee will consider the following criteria each year:

  • Current employment
    •  One of the key criteria is a current need for the training. This is not a course for people aspiring to a start a career in investigations. Scholarships are highly unlikely to be awarded to candidates who are not currently already working in the field of investigations.
  • Submitted essay
    • In addition to the standard course application, candidates for the scholarship are asked to submit a 400-word essay describing the contribution they are currently making in the field of international justice and how they think the course will enhance their contribution to the field. Scholarship application essays should be submitted a before the closing date for applications to info@iici.global.
  • Personal interview, if requested by committee
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial need
    • Most applicants to our courses are either funded by their employer or fund themselves. The scholarship essay should be accompanied by details of why self-funding is impractical and what efforts have been made to secure funding for the International Investigator Course (such as requests to employers, governments or other entities, or explain why such efforts will likely be unsuccessful). Scholarship applicants earning international salaries are unlikely to be successful.

Scholarships will cover course tuition in part or in full, and may also cover transportation to course location, lodging and per diem though scholarships will very rarely cover all costs. Recipients will be announced six weeks prior to the relevant course start date. Successful scholarship candidates are required to submit a short essay within a year after completion of the course describing how the course contributed to their work.